Welcome to Zaftig Research

We're back and bringing a sackful of holiday cheer! We have brought back the Zaftig Research Holiday Compilation, and this one is a lot of fun. We have a nice mix of old favorites and newcomers that work together to bring you the finest in seasonal music. Don't believe us? Take a gander at the tracklisting:

1. C/A/T: Broken Christmas
2. Bardoseneticcube: Duality
3. Conure: The Return of Ralphie
4. Narishkeit: Fonduen in een Bioscoop
5. Disconsolate: Go Ahead and Take the Last One. No, Seriously. I Don't Mind.
6. Ninja McTits: Christmas For Me In A Nutshell
7. Stolen Light: Visions of Sugar Plum Factories
8. Jan-M. Iversen: Jul I Stampen
9. ZEF•R: Jesus-UZI
10. This Is What I Hear When You Talk: Take My Parking Spot. I Dare You.
11. Goose: How I Learned About Santa (featuring John Saunders)

If you are tired of listening to the same old holiday music, drop us an email at info [at] zaftigresearch [dot] com to get yourself something different.